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Do you believe in Angels?


Do you believe in Angels? No, wrong question. If we can’t see sun behind the clouds it doesn’t mean it’s not there. The better question is “Do you communicate with Angels”? I do and I recommend you to start to do that.
Here is one of my experiences with them. And I’m sure you can tell your own stories, a lot of them!

I sold a ring with three channel set emeralds and diamonds to a good customer. My jewelry website is http://www.bestestatejewelry.com (advertisement!!!). The customer asked me if I can resize the ring for her grand-daughter from the size 5.5 to the size 9. I knew it is very challenging but I have a very reputable jeweler who always does a good job.

I’ve got paid for the ring at evening and I planned to get the ring for resizing in the morning. Usually I don’t call to my jeweler before I go, he’s located not far away. But this time I’ve got an impression that I should call first. I did. The answering machine said he’s on vacation. So, I had to use emergency plan and I went to another jeweler, about 20 miles away. He’s a funny guy and very often he’s not friendly. You really need to have the communication skills to talk to him. But he’s a good jeweler. He said that most jewelers would say in such situation: “It’s very risky to resize the ring because the emeralds. Emeralds can get broken from the heat and I want you to know that”. I didn’t want to lose a good sale and I called to my customer. She didn’t want to risk as well and wanted to cancel the order. Well, what could I do? Just go home and put the ring back on sale.

When I approach my car I stopped and ask “Angels, give me a sign if I should take a risk and resize the ring or just leave it as is”? I started to look around for a sign but didn’t see anything that would catch my attention. All the sudden a car drove by, I read its license plate, hoping for a sign, but again it didn’t tell my anything. But when car moved away I saw a young woman sitting on the grass, eating her lunch and reading her Kindle. I didn’t see her before. Plus it was a very hot day and no one wanted to sit outside without air conditioner. I thought “She is an answer”. And even though I’m a little shy person I decided to talk to her. I walked to her and I noticed that her entire left arm is covered with tattoo. I said “I’m sorry to interrupt you but I need your help. Please tell me “yes” or “no”. That’s all I need from you. I need to resolve some issue right now and your answer is very important. I will not tell you what exactly the issue is about, just need your answer”. The young lady reacted like it was a common conversation, she wasn’t surprised at all, and she was extremely friendly. She said “Oh, it hard to say. It’s such a responsibility. But I would say “yes, yes is more appropriate for now”. I thanked her and told her the story. And I said “I asked my angels and they sent you. And I’m sure you’re an angel”. And after that I saw the angel wing tattoo on her arm about 8 inches long. She wished me a good luck and I came back to a jeweler booth. I want to add that this jewelry exchange is huge and it’s extremely hard to find this jeweler in the labyrinths of many jewelry booths, I never remember what entrance I should take to find him. And the angel lady sited right across the right entrance.

The jeweler gave me a look of surprise and asked how did I know the ring can be sized without any problem. I said that I can’t explain it.

I spent my waiting time in the local Mall and I felt so happy and filled with something divine that I think I even radiated the light. When I come back the ring was ready.

I went home and called the customer. Instead of saying “Hi, hello, or how are you” I asked her “Do you believe in angels?”.

Now I know that this Emerald ring will bring happiness and joy to my customer’s grand-daughter. This ring has been blessed by the real Angel!!!


Gold jewelry is never old


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Gold is never old. Vintage and Antique gold jewelry is not referred to as used or second hand as one might refer to a 20-year-old car. Gold is infinitely recyclable, the gold that one has on his or her finger now maybe from melted gold once worn by Cleopatra or King Solomon. All Gold is ancient in the extreme. Gold is created due to a process called supernova nucleosynthesis, which occurs only inside of an exploding star. The astronomical heat and pressures generated inside of a supernova is the only way gold is created. The gold on your finger is not millions of years old, but billions. The unique properties of gold is what makes it so desirable. Gold does not oxidize or tarnish, and is resistant to almost any acid short of aqua regia (nitro-hydrochloric acid) so named because it is one of the very few things that can dissolve gold.