My Happy End Breast Cancer Story


Our wedding day

They call us “survivors”. I still don’t understand the difference between a cancer survivor, or a heart attack survivor, drug addiction or the survival of a rare virus. We all suffer and all of us need understanding, support, love and, treatment.

Anyway, a survivor is survivor. Here I am, and the following is my story, unfortunately one of millions of stories.

One day, my boyfriend and I were talking about some plans for next weekend when my cell phone rang. It was a doctor and he said I’m diagnosed with a breast cancer. It was August 2009. My boyfriend and I knew each other for only 4 months by then and I thought this is the end of the relationship. Who needs a cancer patient?
My first reaction was a very predictable old-fashioned women’s cry for 5 minutes. But later I was smiling with great joy!!! Yeah, it sounds crazy, but I felt very optimistic about this experience. Of course, I didn’t want to get sick, but I was sure that the outcome would be a good one. My boyfriend was so supportive and immediately took the situation under control. He knew that there were two cancer treatment hospitals that were the top in the country. Within the week I had an appointment at Sloan Kettering, and I was well taken care of.

My boyfriend was with me for all of my chemo – therapy infusions and he treated me like a Queen, he still does. We laugh all the time and have never had more than 34 seconds of tension between us. Our relationship does not just stem from a romantic and physical love, from the beginning, it was a deep familial love. We were family before we were lovers, very unusual.

Well, the battle started. I saw profound dreams and messages in my meditations. In the dream I was told that I will win this battle by May 09th. And, indeed, all my procedures finished by May 18th (ooops, perhaps my angels/guides made a small mistake). Oh, the physical aspect of having cancer was quite an experience. I felt like was pregnant again =0) All this mood changing, sometimes bone pain, other medical stuff you don’t want to know about . BUT… I just refused to pay much attention to the cancer, I didn’t change my life style (well, I stopped going to yoga class and to the Metropolitan Opera) and I continued to work with my jewelry (my website is I did my best to satisfy my customers and receive a positive energy from them.

I am so grateful and lucky that I got sick in USA. Also, I’m lucky I had only 2nd stage of cancer. I Had surgery in Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, the surgeon was Doctor Deborah Capko and she did an amazing job!!! The treatment after surgery was absolutely outstanding and I’m so grateful for that.

I’ve got engaged in December 2009, when my hair, eyebrow and eyelashes started to fall out. We’ve got married on May 9th, 2011. This is a Victory day in Russia (end of WW2). My hair is back. I always dreamed about having a short haircut but never had the guts to cut my hair. You see, all dreams can come true.

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring story. You had the courage and willingness to radiate energy right from the start. And you had the love of your life. Love is one of the greatest powers in the world!

    Blessings to you both xoxoxoxo.

    • Thank you, ravenstarshealingroom, for your comment =0)
      And I really enjoy your blog, it helped me a lot to understand many things about Alzheimer’s, my relationship with my mom, about life…

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